Donor Archive

Laura Sampson

Full circle: A professor’s legacy

Laura Sampson grew up hearing that she “wasn’t college material,” but fortunately, she didn’t listen.

Emma Pindell

Paying Her Way

Even though she doesn’t benefit personally from scholarship support, she is grateful to UO donors.

Meredith Wong

Your Gifts Make a Difference

Like her scholarship’s namesake, Meredith is at the UO to forge a new path. For her master’s thesis, she’s pursuing a mix of psychology and the arts

Elizabeth Lytle

Gifts help dream come true

He was born nearly 100 years ago, but the late Wilbur M. Watters ’39 will be helping students like Elizabeth Lytle from now on.

Win McLaughlin

Gifts advance UO research efforts across the globe

Fulbright Fellow uses fossils to predict earthquakes.

Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson

It feels rewarding to give.

Robel Haile

Scholarship helps Alzheimer’s research

Your generosity transforms lives.

Gloria and Roger Hunt

Helping students

Gloria and Roger Hunt say giving to the UO was an easy choice.

Gloria and Roger Hunt

Scholarships lead students to better lives

Iraq veteran Paula Barreto takes nothing for granted about the scholarships helping her achieve a long-delayed dream.

Jim and Margie Lussier

Margie and Jim Lussier

Giving back to help others succeed.

Michael and Margaret Lehrman

Michael and Margaret Lehrman

Endowed a need-based fellowship for graduate students that emphasizes giving back through communication and writing.

Jim Shephard

Scholarships to Study Abroad

Jim Shephard has become a champion of strengthening the UO’s standing as an international university.

Lindy Mabuya

Full Circle

Lindy Mabuya is the first in her family to graduate high school, move to a different country, and pursue a university degree.

Jim and Donna Anderson

Happily-ever-after-Ducks provide scholarships

Jim and Donna Anderson have arranged to support several scholarships for PathwayOregon students.

Doug McKay

Remembering Doug McKay

The alumnus and friend’s essential quality was a deep and abiding sense of responsibility.

Ann Brewer

A Lifelong Connection

Ann Brewer of Medford carries on a lifelong connection to the University of Oregon that she shared with her late husband, Fitz.

Evan Baechler

Dreams Into Reality

Scholarships brought Evan Baechler to the UO; an internship led to an offer for his dream job.

Katie Thomas

Investing in Students

Katie Thomas spent a summer studying at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, thanks to a generous visitor.

Bill and Mary Triska

Guaranteed Income for Life

Charitable gift annuities are a key part of Bill and Mary Triska’s investment strategy for retirement.

Jeannette Kimball

A Bequest for Scholar-Athletes

Jeannette Kimball’s tribute to her sister, Betty, is taking the form of a permanent endowment supporting scholarships.

Dorothy Goode

Improving Cash Flow

After her husband died, Dorothy Goode needed to change her financial strategy in order to maintain her income level. The solution: a charitable remainder unitrust.

Steve Lord

Save Taxes on Property Sale

When Steve Lord learned how charitable giving could leverage tax savings, he decided the University of Oregon was a natural fit.

Yoko McClain

Avoid Rental Hassles, Capital Gains

Retired professor Yoko McClain traded being a landlord for receiving hassle-free guaranteed income for life. Her planned gift to the University of Oregon also reduced her taxes.

Ginny Clark Reich

Bequest Supports Honors College

Longtime UO supporters Ginny Clark Reich and her husband, Roger, want to help provide for future generations of UO students.

Ray and Carla Robertson

Bequest for Professorships, Scholarships

A Duck-loving pair from Portland plans to help future generations of University of Oregon students achieve the American dream.

Patricia and Terrence Boyer

Increase Retirement Income

Patricia and Terrence Boyer say their return on gift annuities with the University of Oregon Foundation is better than when they had the money in stock.

Donald Mickelwait

Bypass Capital Gains

When Donald Mickelwait sold his company, he took advantage of the opportunity to save taxes by making a substantial gift to the University of Oregon.

Donald Mickelwait

Gift Enriches Student Experience

A bequest from Ursula “Sue” Moshberger has helped send nineteen promising UO students, including undergraduates, to key professional meetings since the endowment was activated in 2007.

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