Guaranteed Income for Life

Fifteen and Counting

Charitable gift annuities are a key part of Bill and Mary Triska's investment strategy for retirement.

Charitable gift annuities are a key part of Bill and Mary Triska’s investment strategy for retirement.

Bill Triska of Cottage Grove, Oregon, tells why he and his wife, Mary, like charitable gift annuities.

Thirty years ago, a friend said I should look into a charitable annuity because they provide monthly payments and a tax deduction. Mary and I wondered if we could do something like that with the University of Oregon. We don’t have children, and we liked the idea of helping others’ children attend the university. We also saw this as a way to give something in return for the enjoyment we get from UO student athletics.

When we called the UO’s gift planning office, we learned that by funding a charitable gift annuity to support the university, we would receive payments for the rest of our lives.

We decided to put our trust in the university. Now, here we are three decades later with fifteen charitable gift annuities. They have given us peace of mind in our retirement. Every month we receive income from them, and a portion of these payments comes tax-free.

It is comforting to know that if one of us dies, the payments will continue for the rest of the other’s life. We are glad to know these gifts will help future students. Without this giving option, we wouldn’t be able to support the UO as we have, and we wouldn’t have the income that we do.

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