Paying Her Way

Analog U, Earth Day, Collier LawnA sophomore advertising major from Eugene, Oregon, Emma Pindell earns room and board and helps reduce the amount her parents pay toward her tuition by working as a residence hall assistant.

Even though she doesn’t benefit personally from scholarship support, she is grateful to UO donors.

“If not for gifts, I wouldn’t have the chance to meet many of my most talented friends,” Emma said. “Even though they also work to help pay for school, they wouldn’t be able to afford the UO without scholarships.”

As a freshman, she covered room, board, and part of tuition by working as a caller for the UO’s annual giving program.

“I raised enough money to provide tuition for an in-state student, and that’s an awesome feeling,” she said.

This summer she’ll be in Alaska doing fieldwork for a donor-funded investigative reporting project sponsored by the School of Journalism and Communication.

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