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Peggy and Dan Neal

Giving Oregon Kids a Chance

After a lifetime spent teaching, Dan McGuire is funding honors college scholarships for Oregonians who otherwise could not afford to come to the UO.
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Sabrina Ionescu

Your gifts create exceptional opportunities

The chance to work as an undergraduate researcher helped Jakob Hollander see there is always more to learn, even about topics that seemed closed decades ago.
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Jesse Visser

News from the Director

Call on Jesse Visser and his team to learn how gifts of real estate might benefit you—and UO—financially now and in the future.
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Violet Fox

Gifted with purpose

Nelly Nouboussi says knowing that strangers were willing to invest in her through the gifts that fund her scholarships has motivated her to work hard and excel.
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Tax Update

Aside from the $1,200 tax credit, do you know about the three other charitable provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act?

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