Reap significant benefits through a gift of real estate

Do you own appreciated real estate that no longer benefits you or is becoming a hassle to manage?

We welcome the opportunity to help you evaluate real estate gifts of any type, anywhere.

Your gift of appreciated real estate can allow you to

  • Avoid significant capital gains
  • Qualify for a charitable deduction
  • Create income for yourself or loved ones
  • Make a difference for students at the UO

How it works

Harry and Sally, both age 70, would like to create a scholarship to help students attend the UO.

At their annual tax review, they mention this to their accountant. They also express concern about the vacation house they own. Harry and Sally no longer use it much, and would rather not deal with renters. However, they hesitate to sell because of the capital gains tax they would have to pay.

Their accountant suggests they consider donating the house to the UO, a move that would allow them to fund a scholarship, alleviate their concerns about taking care of the property, and save on taxes.

Working closely with the UO Office of Gift Planning, Harry and Sally decide to transfer the house, valued at $350,000, into a charitable remainder trust with a five percent payout rate. In doing so, they qualify for an immediate income tax deduction and avoid the capital gains altogether.

After the house sells, the trust will begin making payments to Harry and Sally for the rest of their lives. When the trust payments end, their trust will provide ongoing scholarship support for UO students.

Harry and Sally’s gift $350,000
Estimated tax deduction $143,500
Income (year one, after sale of property) $17,500

The UO’s gift planning team is a resource for you and your tax or legal advisors. Phone us at 800-289-2354 or email

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