Ways to Give

Bequests and Estate Gifts

From your will or living trust

The simple act of including a gift to the UO in your will has more power than you might think. Your gift will help future generations of students. Learn more

Retirement assets

Your retirement plan may be worth more to the UO than to your heirs. Learn more

Life insurance

Give a policy you and your family no longer need. Learn more

Gifts that provide tax savings

Charitable gift annuities

Receive an income tax deduction. In addition, a portion of the payments you receive will be tax free. Learn more

Charitable remainder trusts

Receive an income tax deduction and a stream of income. Avoid immediate capital gains tax if you give appreciated assets. Learn more

Charitable lead trusts

Pass assets to your heirs and reduce or eliminate estate tax, gift tax, and generation-skipping tax. Learn more

Retained life estates

Donate your residence, farm, or vacation home to the UO, receive a tax deduction, and continue to live there for the rest of your life. Learn more

Outright gifts

Donate cash, stock, real estate, or personal property and make a difference for students right away. Learn more

Gifts that also provide income

Charitable gift annuities

Receive fixed payments for life and save on taxes. Learn more

Charitable remainder trusts

Receive income for life or a term of years and an income tax deduction. Avoid immediate capital gains tax if you use appreciated assets. Learn more

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